08:15-09:00 Registration and coffee



AM Sessions

Welcome, Keynote Speakers and Q&A

09:00-09:05 Welcome - Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director of WeAreTheCity

09:15-09:20 Welcome from conference facilitator - Kate Russell, Author, Journalist and Presenter at BBC Click

09:35-09:50 The future is Digital - TBC

09:50-10:05 The uprise of Fintech – Julia Streets, CEO of Streets Consulting

10:05–10:35 Tech Innovation and Fintech Q&A with above speakers, Ghela Boskovich, who works with Streets Consulting and is Head of Fintech Partnerships at Rainmaking and other industry guests, facilitated by Kate Russell

10.35-10:50 Tech research spotlight – Digital Families, a new digital strategy framework – Deborah O’Neill, Partner at OW Labs

10:50-11:10 Networking Break



AM Sessions

Keynote Speakers and Q&A

11:10-11:25 The future of Coding and Apps – Anne Marie Imafidon MBE, Founder of Stemettes

11:25-11:45 Security and Cyber, it’s everyones' business! – Tayna Harris, CEO of Harrman Cyber

Tanya will discuss common data breaches and the link to insider threat, more importantly, how the insider threat can take on several different forms, and how the attack is usually initiated from within your network versus outside. In the past security has focused on solutions such as firewalls, antivirus and IDS/IPS. It is becoming increasingly important to recognise that technology alone cannot prevent insider threats, as technologies that stop one type of insider attack may not necessarily be effective against others. IT needs support from other divisions in order to effectively tackle this growing problem. When a company takes a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity, by providing a comprehensive range of solutions such as access control, encryption technologies, employee engagement and training, they significantly increase their defenses against insider attacks.

11:45-12:15 Apps, Coding, Digital, Cyber Security Q&A with above speakers and industry guests, facilitated by Kate Russell

12.15-12:30 Tech research spotlight - TBC

12:30-13:20 - Lunch Break (Buffet)



Elective session 1

Delegates can choose 1 elective session

Big Data, API’s & Cloud Computing – What is it and how is this changing the way we work?

Artificial Intelligence – Will the machines take over and if so, when and how?

The Internet of Everything – Transforming the way we live and work

14:15 14:35 - Transition Break



Elective session 2

Delegates can choose 1 elective session

The Rise of Wearable Tech – How is wearable tech changing lives

Co-Founders of Women of Wearables, Michelle and Marija will discuss how the under-representation of women in the workplace has led to the creation of products that are inherently more male-focused. However, the rise of female founders globally has led to women building femtech and fashion tech products for women that solves real problems using technology as an enabler.
Women of Wearables was developed to create a network of women building wearable tech products, provide role models and educate young girls how wearable technology can help them choose a career in STEM.

They will bring wearable tech products and projects to show how tech can solve problems, the trends in wearable tech, how diversity of teams leads to diversity of ideas and their own journeys in building the Kisha Smart Umbrella and Made With Glove heated gloves.

Learn to code in Python – Masterclass

Other TBC

15:20-15:40 Networking Break



PM Sessions

Keynote Speakers, Q&A and Networking

15:40-15:55 Tech research spotlight - TBC

15:55-16:40 Tech leaders lighting the way – get ahead in your career panel

16:40-17:30 Speed mentoring with senior leaders and sponsors

17:30-19:30 Close, networking drinks & canapes (optional attendance)