November 3, 2017
Anisha Osman Britton

Anisah Osman Britton | 23 Code Street

Anisah Osman Britton decided she wasn’t going to try for a place at Oxbridge (oxford/Cambridge), and instead was going to intern at businesses around the world with the goal of doing something “businessy”. Since then, she has been part of the tech scene for 5 years which began with her starting a company at 19....
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Lisa Rajan

Lisa Rajan | Tara Binns Books

I write and publish books that show a little girl doing different jobs, so show boys and girls that anyone can be anything. I choose male-dominated Tech and STEM jobs (engineer, doctor, astronaut, scientist for starters) to normalise these jobs for women and encourage girls to be ambitious in these fields. After graduating in Biotechnology...
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Kamila Piorowska

Kamila Piorowska | Barclays

How you could describe me… Agile Coach with financial industry experience specialiasing with technology transofrmations. Very passionate about leaning software delivery model and transformational changes to deliver the highest value to the customer. Comfortable coaching distributed agile teams, C Level managers, multimillion programmes, IT and business. Experience with scaled agile, enterprise transformation and Community of...
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Christina Maddy

Christina Maddy | Nomura

I joined Nomura on the Graduate scheme in 2014 as a Business Analyst and Scrum Master, after graduating from Loughborough University with a 2.1 in Information Technology Management for Business. Soon after joining, I was leading the delivery of a key, regulatory system to control and report on access to production systems. This role gave...
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Alexandra Wyatt

Alexandra Wyatt | Monitor Deloitte

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, with a focus on Technology. I have spent the last decade working on issues related to Technology and Innovation. I am currently working on an Innovation Acceleration Programme for 100 partners at Deloitte sponsored by our CEO. I teach partners about...
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Gemma Trebble

Gemma Trebble | Barclays

My first job, at aged 19, was as an office junior at a small tech start-up. Bored of making tea and being the dogsbody, I would sit with the designers and developers and ask endless questions, wanting to know exactly how they crafted dynamic, sophisticated software. Fast forward 4 years, I’d successfully graduated with a...
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Hemna Juneja

Hemna Juneja | Perform

Hemna Juneja, Head of Application Support, an ITIL certified performance oriented leader with a proven track record of 13+ years in the IT industry in AD/ASM (Application Development/Support/Management) portfolios, specifically in 24×7 Global Application Support environments.With a First Class University Degree in Computer Science, She has risen to management levels starting as a technocrat in...
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Arfah Farooq

Arfah Farooq | Muslamic Makers

I am a collaborator who loves bashing and connecting random ideas to create one big vision that will impact the world in a positive way. Since my school days I’ve always been involved in something “extra” from school council to community projects to becoming a London 2012 Gamesmaker and then sat on the Youth Board...
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Sonal Shah

Sonal Shah | Barclays

Sonal changed careers into IT in 2001 by taking a year out to study for MSc in Computing & IT and has since worked in a range of IT, Change and digital security projects ranging from the public sector to BP in their companywide Digital Security programme up to present time at Barclays Investment Bank....
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Diane Reddell

Diane Reddell | Department for Work and Pensions

I started out in my career as systems tester as an intern with ITSA as part of my HND in business computing. Once I completed my degree I worked temporarily with EDS as a software tester. I had a small break from IT and then worked for Atos Origin as a graduate software tester where...
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