08:15-09:00 Registration and coffee



AM Sessions

Welcome, Keynote Speakers and Q&A

08:55-09:00 Welcome - Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director of WeAreTheCity

09:00-09:10 Opening address from our Headline Sponsor - Diana Kennedy VP, Strategy, Architecture and Planning, IT&S at BP

09:10-09:15 Welcome from conference facilitator - Kate Russell, Author, Journalist and Presenter at BBC Click

09:15-09:20 Leading innovation - Claire Cockerton, CEO, Founder of Plexal and Conference Host

09:20-09:35 The future is digital - Carole Layzell, Digital Eagle and Proactive Engagement Director at Barclays

09:35-09:50 The future of Coding and Apps - Anne Marie Imafidon MBE, Founder of Stemettes

09:50-10:05 Tech research spotlight - Digital Families, a new digital strategy framework - Deborah O’Neill, Partner at Oliver Wyman Labs

Businesses have long been investing in better understanding their customers. Whether it’s focus groups, telephone surveys, or Facebook tracking, it all adds up to a better understanding of who the customer is, what they want, and how can help them get it.

Despite this, there seems to be a lack of understanding of how one digital customer varies from the next in terms of their attitudes to key topics like data privacy or being part of an online trend.

CIOs and their teams should ask themselves: which Digital Families do my customers – online and offline – belong? Which Digital Families do my most profitable customers belong to? And which families do I see being the key to my future strategic successes? This will allow digital and tech teams to look at their goods and services from those perspectives – likely very different to their own world view – and build innovations around those particular needs and preferences.

10:05–10:50 Tech Innovation and Digital Q&A with Diana Kennedy, Anne-Marie Imafidon, Deborah O'Neill, Francine Stevens, Head of Innovation Services at Plexal, Lauren Riley, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Link App, Jacqueline de Rojas, President techUK, NED Rightmove plc, Board Advisor Digital Leaders - facilitated by Kate Russell

10:50-11:10 Networking Break



AM Sessions

Keynote Speakers and Q&A

11:10-11:25 The uprise of Fintech - Julia Streets, CEO of Streets Consulting

11:25-11:40 Security and Cyber, it’s everyones' business - Jimmy Nilsson, Director for Professional Services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Jimmy Nilsson, Director for Professional Services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, will discuss common data breaches and the link to insider threat, more importantly, how the insider threat can take on several different forms, and how the attack is usually initiated from within your network versus outside. In the past security has focused on solutions such as firewalls, antivirus and IDS/IPS. It is becoming increasingly important to recognise that technology alone cannot prevent insider threats, as technologies that stop one type of insider attack may not necessarily be effective against others. IT needs support from other divisions in order to effectively tackle this growing problem. When a company takes a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity, by providing a comprehensive range of solutions such as access control, encryption technologies, employee engagement and training, they significantly increase their defenses against insider attacks.

11:40-11:55 Tech research spotlight - Machine learning in search - Malvina Josephidou, Software Engineer at Bloomberg

The Bloomberg News Search Engine routinely processes more than one million new stories per day. Our aim is to serve the “best” content to our users in under 200 milliseconds. This is a non-trivial task as what is relevant to the search of one user at a given point in time might not apply to another user or a different point in time. In this short talk we discuss how we can tackle this challenge using machine learning to learn relevance models from data. This session will be lead by Malvina Josephidou.

11:55-12:30 Fintech and Cyber Security Q&A with Jimmy Nilsson, Julia Streets, Ghela Boskovich, Head of Fintech Partnerships, Rainmaking, Katrina Mouquin of Bloomberg - facilitated by Kate Russell

12:30-13:20 - Lunch Break (Buffet)



Elective session 1

Delegates can choose 1 elective session

Artificial Intelligence – who will be our new co-workers of the future? - EY Intelligent Automation team, UK&I and FSO

Artificial Intelligence is set to be a game changer for today’s businesses and workforce. With the rapid developments in machine learning, data mining and cognitive computing, the next decade promises to see huge leaps forward. While there is great excitement over the potential applications of AI, there are also some misconceptions – and fears – developing.

EY helps dispel some of the myths and explain how AI will in fact enable us to work better, smarter and faster. We look at the opportunities and challenges associated with AI, and how organisations can positively respond to the change the AI transformation brings.

How Innovation in Technology is Raising the Bar for TV and Film - Holly Mesrobian, Holly Mesrobian, Director Software Engineering, Amazon Video

Over the last 20 years, the internet and technology have transformed the TV and film industry, enabling consumers to find and discover anything they want, whilst at the same time, empowering content creators to reach new audiences around the world. At this session, Holly will provide insight into the work of Amazon’s development centre in London, which focuses on research and development (R&D) for Amazon’s global Prime Video service. Holly will also talk about her personal career experience in the tech industry spanning 20 years.

Learn to code in Python Masterclass - Dr Sue Black OBE, Author of Saving Bletchley Park and Government Digital Services Advisor

Learn to code with Dr Sue Black OBE, Author of Saving Bletchley Park and Government Digital Services Advisor. Please bring your own laptop to this session.

14:15 14:25 - Transition Break



Elective session 2

Delegates can choose 1 elective session

Big Data & Cloud Computing - What is it and how is this changing the way we work? - Lovely Bimalraj, Senior Engagement Manager (Insights & Data) at Capgemini

We live in a fast-moving, complex digital world continuously creating a plethora of data in various forms, shape, size and velocity. Data is at the heart of everything! Wherever we go, whatever we do and whenever we do it.

Big data technologies, predictive data analytics, high-performance environments and cloud computing together offer a power – unprecedented! But what makes it more powerful is the power of Positive decision-making. The power that enables businesses to be agile, the power to increase efficiencies. It offers the potential to open new revenue streams and revolutionise the way in which businesses operate.

What does this mean to you? Could the race of big data and data science offer women a clearer path to success in technology? What insights are available about women in tech? Can women shape the future from these insights? Join us to know how we strengthen the diversity in this field!

The Rise of Wearable Tech - How is wearable tech changing lives - Michelle Hua and Marija Butkovic, Co-Founders of Women of Wearables

Co-Founders of Women of Wearables, Michelle Hua and Marija Butkovic will discuss how the under-representation of women in the workplace has led to the creation of products that are inherently more male-focused. However, the rise of female founders globally has led to women building femtech and fashion tech products for women that solves real problems using technology as an enabler.

Women of Wearables was developed to create a network of women building wearable tech products, provide role models and educate young girls how wearable technology can help them choose a career in STEM.

They will bring wearable tech products and projects to show how tech can solve problems, the trends in wearable tech, how diversity of teams leads to diversity of ideas and their own journeys in building the Kisha Smart Umbrella and Made With Glove heated gloves.

Perfecting predictions as a skillset: how understanding tech and behaviours will help you identify tomorrow's winning tech - Saray Cruz, Ecosystems & Alliances Global Programme Lead at Deloitte UK

Technology is improving, relentlessly. That’s the easy prediction. However identifying exactly which technologies are winners is harder. Getting the timing right is particularly challenging. Selecting tech winners isn’t about luck: it’s a skillset.

Nurturing this skillset will differentiate you. It will make you a better team worker. A better leader. A better entrepreneur. And it may well make you (even) happier.

Why is it that 85 percent of UK adults have a smartphone. But so few are toting smart watches? Why is drone delivery unlikely, any time soon? Why are most voice assistants given female names or voices?

Does technology change behaviour, or does the best technology mesh beautifully with existing behaviours?

In this session, we will do our best to impart to you, via examples and exercises, the science of making a good prediction, using our tried and tested Deloitte approach.

15:10-15:30 Networking Break



PM Sessions

Keynote Speakers, Q&A and Networking

15:30-15:45 Tech research spotlight - Nina Rush, Technology Transformation Leader for PwC’s UKIT

15:45-16:30 Tech leaders lighting the way - get ahead in your career panel - Tunji Akintokun, Director at Cisco Systems, Ide Hughes, Chief Information Officer, Wealth & Investments and Private Bank & Overseas Services Technology at Barclays, Mivy James, National Security Head of Consulting for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Ayman Assaf CIO, Compliance, Regulatory, Risk and Finance: BP Supply & Trading, Claire Cockerton, CEO of Plexal and other industry guests

16:30-16:40 The importance of mentoring

16:40-17:30 Speed mentoring with senior leaders and sponsors - Sponsored by SAP

17:30-19:30 Close, networking drinks & canapes (optional attendance)