Alexandra Wyatt

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte, with a focus on Technology. I have spent the last decade working on issues related to Technology and Innovation.

I am currently working on an Innovation Acceleration Programme for 100 partners at Deloitte sponsored by our CEO. I teach partners about new technology, innovation tradecraft and support them in developing their own prototype. We’ve already had a couple of early success stories from the programme. One of our successes is a public sector blockchain solution. The blockchain solution uses smart contracts and speeds up the time our clients spend on purchasing decisions.

Prior to working at Monitor Deloitte, I spent a year working at the Education Section of the British Embassy in Beijing. I also obtained an MSc in Economics and Strategy from Imperial College London. During my time at Imperial, I wrote a first-class dissertation on the link between the digital economy and income inequality.

Outside of work, I love languages. I worked or studied in seven different countries and am fluent in Chinese and French. I also enjoy building and designing websites using programmes such as Java, Python, CSS, HTML and InDesign.

I’ve used my passion of building websites to develop my own company, Allergy Out. Allergy Out helps users to read and write reviews of how well restaurants deal with food allergies. A few statistics on UK food allergies highlights the vital importance of why this website is needed. In the UK, about ten people die every year from food-induced anaphylaxis. If Allergy Out can help to reduce this I will consider my project to be successful. This is as, although this risks being clichéd, I believe above all in the role that technology has to play in improving our lives.