TechWomen50 Awards

WeAreTechWomen, together with WeAreTheCity, are delighted to announce the launch of their TechWomen50 Awards for emerging tech talent.

It is no secret that the technology industry lacks female representation at all levels. However, many Women in Technology awards choose to focus on inspirational women that have already achieved seniority, in roles such Director, CIO or CTO.

Whilst we feel it is extremely necessary to highlight successful and influential women, we also believe the pipeline of female technologists need a platform to shine too.

We hope that by highlighting the accolades of up-and-coming inspirational female tech talent, we can help to create a new generation of female role models for the industry.

Through the awards, we would also like to recognise a number of senior individuals who are championing up-and-coming women, as well as any organisations that have designed and implemented successful initiatives and programmes in order to attract, retain and develop the female tech talent.

Finally, we applaud the often-voluntary efforts of the women in tech networks that operate across the UK, and again would like to formerly recognise these within our awards.

The TechWomen50 awards are the first of their kind to focus solely on the female tech talent pipeline and recognise the impact of champions, companies and networks that are leading the way.

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  • Platforms such as the TechWomen50 Awards are so important to continue the tech industry’s mission for gender parity. These awards shine a light on up and coming emerging talent for the IT sector to see, hire, retain and value.

    The TechWomen50 Awards showcase the female pipeline and those who are fighting to move the dial on diversity – exactly what the industry needs to continue building its tech communities.

    Baroness Joanna Shields OBE
    Prime Minister's Special Representative on Internet Safety
  • I am delighted to launch the TechWomen50 Awards, which is a natural evolution of all the work we have been doing to support women in the tech industry over the past three years. Over the course of my career, I have seen some truly talented and inspirational women who have been recognised by a multitude of awards. However, there is not one awards series that focuses on the next generation of female talent as a whole, or those who support these individuals.

    Our hope is that by recognising not just our top 50, but also those that champion women in tech too, we can encourage more organisations to follow their lead.

    Kayleigh Bateman
    Kayleigh Bateman
    Head of WeAreTechWomen

Types of awards

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These nominations are for women in tech who have not yet reached a senior position within their organisations. Ideally, they would have worked in technology for a couple of years and will not yet be running a large team or have significant budget responsibility.

They may well be identified as top talent within their organisations or may house their own ambitions to reach a more senior position over the next few years.

These individuals could be an entrepreneur, someone working in a startup or a corporate organisation. Ideally, these individuals are passionate about their profession and demonstrate leadership qualities and able to demonstrate this.

They will be a UK resident. This individual could be a technical specialist or a technology generalist.

For the TechWomen50, we are seeking nominations from across the following technology disciplines.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber and Security
  • Coding and Development
  • IOT
  • Cloud and Storage
  • Datacentres
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Fintech
  • Tech Support
  • Payments
  • Networks and Infrastructure
  • Service Management and Delivery
  • Project Management/Business Analysis
  • Telecoms
  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Startups
  • Wearables
  • Consultancy and Sales
  • Social Media

TechWomen Champions

These nominations are for senior individuals who are championing the career progression of women in tech, through either internal or external activities or initiatives. These individuals are either men/women/non-binary, who may already be senior figures within their organisations.

Alternatively, they may be an individual who is not senior, but displays a passion for women in tech and demonstrates this through their internal/external activities.

These nominations can be for individuals working in any sector.

TechWomen Company of the Year

These nominations are for a company that has introduced several successful initiatives to develop their women in tech. This organisation will be able to clearly demonstrate these initiatives and their impact. These nominations can come from any sector.

TechWomen Network of the Year

These nominations are for Women in Technology networks, that either operates within an organisation or as an external entity. This network must be able to demonstrate a clear purpose and evidence an events/education schedule that has enhanced the skills of its members. Ideally, this network would have been in existence for more than two years.

The nominations

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Nominations will open online on 04 September via WeAreTechWomen. Nominations will close after a four-week period on 29 September.

A shortlist of 100 women from a range of technology disciplines will be chosen in October by an esteemed panel of judges. There will also be a shortlist of three champions, companies and networks.

The shortlist will then be published in November where we will also open the TechWomen50 and Network of the Year for public votes of support.

All winners will be announced in December. There will be 50 winners of the TechWomen50, a Champion of the Year, a Company of the Year and a Network of the Year.

All winners will be invited to celebrate their awards at a prestigious reception in January 2018.

Who should nominate?

• Self-nominations are encouraged
• Organisations looking to recognise their emerging talent pool
• Organisation wishing to obtain recognition for their initiatives
• Individuals who would like to recognise their efforts of their champions/role models
• Individuals/colleagues/friends/clients/mentors/sponsors of the nominee

Awards Timeline

• Nominations open – 04 September 2017
• Nominations close – 29 September 2017
• Shortlist announced along with public vote of support – 06 November 2017
• Public vote closes – 17 November 2017
• Winners announced – 11 December 2017
• Winners celebration event – mid-January 2018